Materials Required

The materials needed for projects in this blog are simple:

  1. Arduino Uno:IMG_20160501_212154286_HDR[1]
    Self-explanatory: this is the heart and brain of all projects conducted here.
  2. USB Cable:
    This, specifically, is a USB Type B male-to-male cable used to connect the Arduino to the computer.
  3. Breadboard:
    This is a circuit prototyping board. These can be purchased very cheaply at Radio Shack or various online stores. These are used to connect components to voltage sources and input/output lines on the Arduino.
  4. Jumper wires:
    These wires have pins on either end that make it easy to connect and disconnect devices, and the pin size is standard for both the breadboards and the Arduino I/O sockets.
  5. LEDs:
    These will blink and fade depending on how the Arduino is programmed, and provide a visual indicator of the program logic.
  6. Resistors:
    These are used in series with the LEDs to control the amount of current provided to the LED. The values will be explained in each post.

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